NEWS  - Kid's day [29/6/2013]
Kid's day - 29th June
by Abi Halstead

This Saturday was the first ever CEAYG Kids Day, held at Peterbough meeting room. The day was well attended with 18 children ranging in age from 6-13. The theme was the good samaritan, lead by John Watkin and we had a video, puppet show and team games to learn the story and the important message of the parable. All the children really enjoyed it and we were blessed with good weather allowing lots of outdoor time for games of tag helping the children mix easily. We also made pizzas for tea which we enjoyed together out in the sunshine. Overall a great day was had by all! Thanks to everyone who came and especially to John and Cathy for their organising. We hope to hold another one soon, so watch this space!
John taught the children about the Good Samaritan

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