NEWS  - Summer Camp Review
Summer Camp - [03/08/2013 - 10/08/2013]
by Kezia Robinson

At CEAYG camp I had a brilliant time. The talks were excellent which were based on 'Behold he who hath created all things' given by uncle Phill Browne. One of his points that I remember is the one about how God's plan can be shown in the water cycle, starting with the calling of believers out of the sea of nations, condensation through the cloud of witnesses, then precipitation of spreading the word, and finally growing in the word which is symbolised as grass where the rain has fallen. Also the activities were very good which included team challenges, rounders, going to a swimming pool and a beach! However my personal favourite was 'capture the flag' that I thoroughly enjoyed because it was a great tactical team game. Overall it was a fantastic week that was full of fun and people laughing. But most importantly it was a fabulous time to spend together with our friends studying the word of God.

The leaders like to get stuck in to capture the flag.

ceayg leaders capture the flag